Some of the most disconcerting panic symptoms I’ve had have been visual; there’s nothing like going about your daily business when suddenly your field of vision narrows, small flashes and floaters appear, or your pupils dilate, turning the world around you into a dizzy, dissociated haze of sensory overload. A therapist once made me sit […]

Pills or no pills?

I don’t personally believe in using medication to treat my anxiety. It hasn’t worked well for me in the past, and I try to support the big drug companies as little as possible. Still, I am aware that many people have found medication to provide positive, even life-altering results. I recently came across this story, […]

Two Thoughts

Just two brief little somethings that have been helping me lately: 1) It isn’t the thoughts we have that define whether we are strong or weak, successful or failing, good or bad. It’s the choices that result: which thoughts we choose to listen to and act on. Also, 2) Take things one at a time. […]


Chiaroscuro: Light and shadow. Perhaps the most powerful creators of mood, tone, atmosphere. The slow, seeping brightness of early dawn.  Dappled, yellow morning light, filtering down through leafy branches. The mid-afternoon sun throwing everything into shadowy relief. A candle glowing on a frosty windowsill. Silver-pale moonlight throwing long shadows across fresh snow.   Light and […]

Gut Feelings

Did you know that people used to say “I have bowels for you” if they empathized with your situation? Probably not. It most likely seems quite strange. But think about all the bowel-related sayings we still have in today’s vernacular. You can have a “gut feeling”. A “gut reaction” to something. “Gut instinct”. Well-meaning people […]