Pills or no pills?

I don’t personally believe in using medication to treat my anxiety. It hasn’t worked well for me in the past, and I try to support the big drug companies as little as possible. Still, I am aware that many people have found medication to provide positive, even life-altering results. I recently came across this story, which I found to be a revealing and poignant example of medication doing its best and most realistic work:


What are your thoughts on the pros and cons of medication?


One thought on “Pills or no pills?

  1. It’s a question of finding the right pill. And when you do, you’ll have your life back. You deserve to live without excessive anxiety. Try not to get into the mindset that drugs are bad, or a crutch, etc. They can be a godsend. The day you wake up and realize that suddenly you’re free of all that anxiety will be wonderful, and it is possible to get there. Try anything and everything, and eventually you’ll hit on the thing that works for you. Keep an open mind
    about medication. I hate the big drug companies too, but there are a lot of dedicated scientists out there doing very important work that you could benefit from. Good luck to you.


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