Here’s An Idea: DIY Guided Meditation

Hi everyone,

I love to use guided meditations as the first part of my morning mindfulness practice. I have a strong auditory memory, so hearing soothing words, affirmations, and sounds to guide the rhythm of my breath works well for me, and provides me with positive phrases and intentions that stick in my mind long after I’ve returned to the world of daily life, even surfacing in times of need (anxiety and self-doubt). There are hundreds of guided meditations on every possible topic –from weight loss to focus to sleep– available online, many of them readily accessible on YouTube.

Here are a few of my recent favorites:



These are all wonderful, free tools, and I use them often. Yet these voices, ultimately, are well-meaning strangers. When I think of the people in my life who really help me through anxiety, I think first of my mother. She went through anxiety when she was younger as well, and her love, empathy, and understanding have gotten me through many tough moments. (She also unfailingly helps me pick up the pieces when I don’t cope with a situation well).

So, I was thinking…

Why not make our own personalized guided meditations, using the mantras, thoughts, and affirmations we find most touching and effective, recorded in our own voice, or the voice of someone we love– a family member, perhaps, or a trusted friend?

Let me know what you all think in the comments, and if it sounds like a good idea, I’ll start working on ways to make it happen.



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