Game Therapy

This post has taken me several days to start and nearly a month to publish— hence my post-a-month New Year’s resolution’s spectacularly late debut. It’s not because I have been uninspired, or because I have nothing to say. I’m actually — intellectually speaking— really, really excited about the subject matter I’m researching this month.  Unfortunately, […]

Well, that happened.

I have a single Google Alert, set to collect articles containing the keyword “anxiety” in their titles. I use this daily email to keep abreast of the latest studies, treatments, journal articles, and pop-culture news surrounding anxiety disorders, but invariably several entirely unrelated entries pop up each day that are irrelevant to clinical anxiety but also […]

Life update No. 152 (approx.)

Hello, lovelies! It’s been awhile. The last couple of months have been an intense period of decision-making, introspection, experimentation, and self-discovery, and I’ve been so engaged with the zigs and zags of daily life that it’s been difficult to push an idea through the requisite layers of edits into publishable form— it seems that my […]

Anticipatory Anxiety

I’ve always been what my mother calls a “pre-worrier”. Even before I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, I would plan meticulously for new events and stay up worrying about them the night before, turning possible outcomes over in my mind. After my first panic attacks, this habit of anticipatory anxiety became debilitating. Now, I […]


Buspirone, to be precise. It’s a mild anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) drug in the azapirone class, meaning it works on the neurotransmitter serotonin, but in a slightly different way from standard SSRIs like Prozac and Lexapro. I really thought I was done with medication, but two weeks ago, after meeting with my doctor, I agreed– after much hesitation– […]

Strike a [Power] Pose

Years of dance training have taught me that the shapes we make with our bodies can have a profound influence on our moods and emotions. Perhaps nowhere has the mind-body connection more been more evident to me than in the dance studio; the way a student feels about a step, a correction, or a part […]