Another Reason to Quit Smoking:

This just in: A lot of people smoke cigarettes to calm down, or to lose weight. New research shows that smoking actually has negative¬†effects on both emotion and metabolism: In case the now common-knowledge health risks of smoking aren’t deterrent enough, new research shows that smokers have a 70% higher risk of anxiety and depression […]

Busy Getting Dizzy

A lot of my anxiety has centered on physical symptoms. The knowledge that I sometimes experience the world in a bizarre and distorted way that other people don’t just freaks me out. That’s the nature of any symptomatic disease or disorder, but the truth is that everyone experiences reality differently, and it doesn’t have to […]

Gut Feelings

Did you know that people used to say “I have bowels for you” if they empathized with your situation? Probably not. It most likely seems quite strange. But think about all the bowel-related sayings we still have in today’s vernacular. You can have a “gut feeling”. A “gut reaction” to something. “Gut instinct”. Well-meaning people […]